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Title: Anger – Before and After
Author: crescent_gaia
Rating: PGish
Prompt: #40 – Mad
Word Count: 727
Summary: Andromeda has a bad day until someone comes along to cheer her up.
Warnings: None.
Notes: I don't own these characters, JKR does. This is set right around the start of PoA.

“Well, this is a wonderful end to a worthless day,” Andromeda snarled to herself as she sat down hard upon the bench swing they had on the porch. It didn’t help that nobody was talking to her at work since Sirius had escaped as all the old prejudices came back to haunt her. Never mind that she was now a Tonks and cut all ties to her insane family. Never mind the fact that she instrumental in the capture of her own sister and countless other Death Eaters. So she was shut out at work and to make matters worse, she couldn’t get into her own home. She didn’t want to just floo home because she wanted to take a walk to calm herself down. Of course, it hadn’t worked. And I can’t just magic the door open or apparate into my living room because we put protections on the place! She balled her hands into fists, breathing in and out while trying to count to ten to calm down.

Padfoot, on the other hand, was having a harder time than most. He was starving, a bit cold but that was improving, and just wanting to rest for the night. He knew that he couldn’t until he found Andromeda’s house. He knew his cousin was an auror now, but she was the only one that he could talk to. As he turned the corner and saw her, a decision formed quickly in his mind. He would see her, but not in his Sirius form. He had to keep his cover and he didn't want to compromise her in her work. She would, she would forgive him for it, for the only reason that he was more of a brother than a cousin to her. That and she always forgave him for anything anyways. It helps to have puppy dog eyes on one's side, after all. However, the biggest reason for not doing so is the fact that she was angry. Bellatrix had her insanity, Narcissa had her pride, and Andromeda had anger. Unlike her other two sisters, in Padfoot's opinion, Andromeda held onto hers the best to make sure it didn't explode onto other people. Bellatrix and Narcissa not so much, but oh well. He was spending too much time thinking about this, but one had to think a bit more while being a convict on the run. Plus, he'd nearly got himself found out when he strayed too close to Moony's place. He wouldn't make an “oops” twice. All thinking aside, he walked up the steps and touched Andromeda's hand with his cold nose.

Andromeda jumped as she felt the cold noise but then looked down at what it was. Her face softened as she gave the large black dog scritchies behind the ear. “And where did you come from?”

Azkaban, but you probably already knew that, Padfoot thought as he started to wag his tail. That felt very good!

Andromeda looked on the dog's neck for a collar and found none. “I don't think you're really a stray. Did you lose your collar, boy?”

...what is this about a collar? I'm a Marauder, I need no collar or master, Padfoot thought and barked a no at that.

“Well, I don't know if I can take you in and I don't know where the pound is. If I could get inside, I'd get you some water and some food while I figured out what to do with you,” Andromeda said as she continued to give the dog scritchies. “Maybe Ted will get home soon so I don't have to continue to wait outside. And then I could get you something.”

That would be staying too long though...but it would be nice, Padfoot thought and sighed contently. But Peter is going where Harry is going. I need to protect my godson. He licked her hand and nuzzled it before getting up and running off, like he heard something in the distance.

“Or not,” Andromeda said but smiled at that. She nearly got up to follow but let it go. The dog's owner would either find the dog's collar or get a new one. She was a lot calmer now, just relaxing on the bench as she waited for Ted to get home.
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