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For justprompts: Write a Letter to Someone You Betrayed

Title: Dearest Sister
Author: crescent_gaia, as this is one of my muse accounts.
Rating: G
Prompt: From justprompts, Write a Letter to Someone You Betrayed
Word Count: 350
Summary: Andromeda says goodbye to Bellatrix.
Warnings: None
Notes: I don't own these characters, JKR does.

Dearest Sister:

I am not sure if I should continue to use dear because of what you will learn in the shortest time. If you have not heard from mother or father by now, I have married Ted Tonks.

If the name does not sound familiar, you might remember him from our days at Hogwarts when you called him a Mudblood. Lowest of the low in your eyes and you never desired to see just how strong he could and would be. I knew from an early age that you could never really see past anything after you had set your mind to it. It is the one aspect of you that I wish I could change.

I used to want to be like you – strong, powerful, and knowing what you want. When we entered school, I learned that all it brought you wasn't joy. Or if it was, it was a joy that I wanted no part of. I wanted to make my own friends and be in a different house, but I wanted to stay loyal to you.

Well, dear sister, that case is no longer. I am glad that I have seen the light and that you will not for it only means that you will fall. I am not sorry that I have somehow “betrayed” my heritage and your love. It is something that I am glad to lose.

It is said that you cannot help who you love and I do fully believe that. I will understand if I never hear from you again and if you start to plot my death. I know that I cannot be apart of your life and it is not a life I want anyways. I do not want to be filled with hate, with spite, with contempt for people who are just the same as we are. In the end, it does not matter who your parents are. It matters on what you do in your own life.

Do not try to find me, you will not be able to.


P.S. ~ Give my love to Narcissa.
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