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For justprompts (Ten Secret Messages) and 100quills

Title: Happily Ever After
Author: crescent_gaia, as this is one of my muse accounts.
Rating: G
Prompt Set: 50.2
Prompt: #46 – Impossible
Word Count: 1363
Summary: Remus and Tonks help Andromeda have a happy ever after.
Warnings: None
Notes: I don't own these characters, JKR does. It follows along with DH.

Andromeda had been cleaning. She forced herself to clean so maybe it would make her fall asleep. She was having a harder and harder time falling asleep these days, but it happened every year that Teddy went off to school. She was happy that he was there and couldn't see how his grandmother was falling apart. Like the fact that earlier today she could have sworn she saw Nymphadora looking straight up at her out in the garden. Or that she saw Remus come up behind Nymphadora and hug her before disappearing. She also thought she could feel Ted around today, as if he was lingering somewhere, but that couldn't be right. It had only been wishful thinking, she reasoned with herself. She had to do something that took her mind away from family long gone. She decided that tonight she would clean-attack the study. She hadn't been in there since Ted fled for safety all those years ago.

The door creaked opened like it always did. Ted had tried to fix it once to only have the entire door fall on him. She made the door come off of him and attach back on where it was. Maybe she would fix it herself, but maybe not. The smallest things did reassure her that she was not going daft. She sat down in study chair, moving her head to rest on the place where the very faint scent of Ted was still there. She could see the marks on the floor where Nymphadora had tried magic in her young years but couldn't get over being clumsy while doing so. No, this was not conductive to cleaning, but she didn't care. She needed the memories.

Her eyes caught a piece of parchment that she had written when she was a fifth year at Hogwarts. She smiled as she looked it over, asking him to meet her in their room with the dumas. Anyone looking over it would think it had been a typo, but it was her asking for another book by Alexander Dumas. There had been several notes throughout their years at Hogwarts, but there were only a few that she really loved. Their first year had been the shortest with their notes, as Bellatrix had been watching over her like a hawk. There were ten notes in all that year, most of them passed through the Prewett twins or when they shared classes together.

1.Even though she's insane, she doesn't bite. Or at least she's been cured of it for a few years.
2.No, she just likes to curse. I'm glad you're not like that. You're very nice and unlike her.
3.I'm the odd one of my sisters, but thank you for that. It does feel better to hear someone say it.
4.If odd means sane then.
5.Odd does not mean sane. It means less crazy. I know I have something wrong with me somewhere.
6.It doesn't matter. Did you get the Potions homework?
7.You mean the assignment or actually doing it?
8.Actually doing it.
9.Meet me in the library after dinner – I'll try to explain it there. She doesn't like the library.
10.I will. Thank you, 'Dromeda.

The tenth she hadn't seen until after they married. Bellatrix found out about the notes and put her in the hospital wing for a week with warts for wanting to help a mudblood. That was one person she was very glad was dead, very very dead.

“Sentimental over a mudblood?” She heard a cold, high voice say. She knew that voice before she could look up from the notes. It turned her blood cold as she saw her dead sister standing there in front of her as a ghost. She could form no words, save for the gasp caught in her throat.

“Get away from her!” Tonks yelled and sent a brilliant purple light at Bellatrix. Bellatrix dodged and laughed as she floated only a small bit away from Andromeda. Remus appeared behind Tonks and shot a blue light, getting Bellatrix in the chest. It only stayed for a moment before she disappeared. “Mother, are you alright?”

Andromeda nodded a yes, looking over Tonks in her ghost form. The happiness to see her daughter was clearly on her face, even if she couldn't voice it for the moment. “yes,” she whispered. “You – how and when did everyone become ghosts?”

“We've been ghosts for a while now, mum,” Tonks said. “Remus, Sirius, James, Lily – we've all been ghosts and just checking up on everyone now and then.”

“'Dora, stay with her. I've got to go after Bellatrix,” Remus said and disappeared in the same manner that Bellatrix did.

“Why now?” Andromeda asked. “And Bellatrix – she's a ghost too?”

“She only became one recently because Molly broke her wand,” Tonks said. “The magic flew out and so did Bellatrix before anyone could fix it. Sirius saw her first and got a few good hits on her for what she did to him, really. We've been trying, really!”

Andromeda smiles. “I believe you, Nymphadora,” she says quietly.

Tonks restrained herself from wrinkling her nose, like she always did. “But we, Remus and I, we didn't come just because Bellatrix was here. That was just a bit added on, poison added on. You should come to the garden, where you saw us earlier today? There's a surprise there, mum. Please?”

“I get no clue on what the surprise is?” Andromeda asked as she stood up and took out her wand to light her way.

“Nope!” Tonks said as she floated in front of her mother to lead her down to the garden. “Its better without giving anything away, trust me.”

Andromeda sighed, but did note that while Nymphadora floated along, she had no problem with being clumsy. She grinned at that, thinking for a moment. “So, you've been checking in on Teddy as well?”

“We have,” Tonks replied quietly. “Thank you for raising him mum. He's wonderful and he's very much everything that he could be, even at the age he's at. Thank you for staying. I know its been hard, but I'm glad you stayed. I wish I could have as well, and I know Remus wishes for the same thing. We needed to fight though.”

“I wanted to be there, to help,” Andromeda whispered. “if I had, maybe a lot of things would be different now.”

“Only thing different is that Teddy wouldn't have any of his family,” Tonks whispered. “You were right to stay where you were, mum. Just as dad was right to leave when he did, even though you didn't want him to go. Just like Remus and I were supposed to be there, even though we died. We died so that everyone else could live, even though some would lose nearly everything.”

“I know,” Andromeda said quietly and attempted to take Nymphadora's hand. It was merely by instinct, but her hand simply went into the ghost. She removed her hand and simply walked. When they got to the garden, Andromeda's eyes widen at who she saw. She ran over and hugged the very much alive Ted that was standing there. She knew he was very much real, even though she didn't understand how it happened or what was really happening. She could die at this moment and still not want for anything. It would be in her beloved's arms and not wanting like crazy for him anymore. She knew she would get all of her questions answered later.

Tonks stood off to the side, watching her mum and dad. She smiled as she was glad that Teddy would have both of his grandparents now. It had been an early birthday wish for Teddy, nearly impossible, but she was glad to grant it. She felt Remus gently hug her from behind, her one constant in the second world. “I would come back for you, if I could.”

“And I for you,” Remus whispered in her ear. “Its time to go.”

“And Bellatrix?” Tonks asked quietly.

“Dispatched for another day,” Remus replied. “I wouldn't worry – they're safe.”

“And will live happily ever after,” Tonks whispered as they disappeared back to the spirit world.
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