andromeda_b_t (andromeda_b_t) wrote,

For justprompts: Ten Secrets You'd Wouldn't Tell Anyone

1. I pity Narcissa -- she has a whiner for a husband and for a son.

2. It seems like my life is a fairytale.

3. Sirius, from time to time, has gotten a good wap upside the head. I think it took....

4. I wanted to be in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. Anything but Slytherin.

5. My animagius form is a swan.

6. I would give up my magic if it meant that I could have normal sisters.

7. In third year, I once kissed a girl to see what it was like. It was very...odd.

8. Contrary to popular belief, I did use the Crucio curse on Bella when I was six.

9. I told Sirius how to get into the house he wanted instead of the hat going with the popular belief of where the family should be.

10. I, too, want to make a mess and have someone else clean it up.
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