andromeda_b_t (andromeda_b_t) wrote,

Title: Scandalous
Author: crescent_gaia
Rating: PG-13ish
Prompt Set: 50.4
Prompt: #6 – Surprise
Word Count: 563
Summary: All Andromeda wanted was a shower….
Warnings: None.
Notes: I don't own these characters, JKR does. This is also being written for the Insane Drabble Meme for ladylostris in Naked!Andi (with Ted).

She was tired. It didn’t help that it was her last year of Hogwarts, so she was always tired. If it wasn’t being in classes trying to remember everything, it was doing homework. And if it wasn’t doing homework, it was doing Head Girl duties with Ted. And…well, sometimes it was just doing Ted, but she didn’t mind the tiredness that came with that. She enjoyed that more than anything else in her crazy days and weeks.

However, right now, all she wanted was a shower on this Friday night. It helped that the Head Girl’s room came with a private bath. She set her bag down on the floor as she pulled her school robe over her head and threw it on the bed. She took off her shoes next and her socks before her skirt and then top with the rest of her undergarments. She sighed and walked into the bathroom, not caring about the mess that she left in the other room. It wasn’t going to stain and she could clean it up later. She walked into the bathroom and turned on the water for the shower, sitting down on the toilet as she let the warm steam fill the air.

What she didn’t know is that she had a show while she was undressing. Her boyfriend, at least to his friends and when they didn’t have to worry about her sisters or Slytherins, was Head Boy and watching through the mirrors that connected their rooms. Not every Head Boy and Girl pair had the ability of the magic mirror, but they did because of their love for each other. Ted was going to do a bit of homework, but after seeing his 'Dromeda walk into the bathroom in just her underwear. His train of thought was a bit derailed after that. He made sure that his door was locked and then stepped through the mirror. He then checked her door, glad that she thought ahead to lock it. He moved into the bathroom, deciding to change in there and tried not to laugh at what he saw. Andi fell asleep where she had been sitting. He moved to turn off the water, but stopped as he felt her take his arm.

“I do not remember inviting you to my shower, Mr. Tonks,” she said with a tired smile. “Thought I’m not sure if I mind or not.”

“Can I hope that you don’t mind? I do like seeing you naked,” he said with a cute grin.

“You have a one track mind,” she said as she got up and moved into the shower. He blinked at her, not sure what she wanted. He got his answer as she stuck her head out of the shower and asked “are you coming in?”

He grinned and quickly got undressed, falling once or twice (okay, three), before he got into the shower with her. “So you don’t mind,” he said.

“No, I don’t,” she says with a grin. “You realize that if anybody comes in, we’re caught in a scandalous position.”

“Which is why I made sure to lock everything before I came over and double checked your door,” he said before kissing her lips lovingly.

She wrapped her arms around him and pushed those thoughts out of her mind. She had just wanted a shower, but she didn’t mind the surprise.
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