andromeda_b_t (andromeda_b_t) wrote,

Title: Sat on a Fence (But It Didn’t Work)
Author: crescent_gaia
Rating: G
Prompt: #48 – Pressure
Word Count: 501
Summary: Andromeda is being pressured by her family into a pureblood marriage.
Warnings: None.
Notes: I don't own these characters, JKR does.

She sighed as she re-read the letter for what seemed like the millionth time. It didn’t help that this was the same letter she was receiving for a while now. Her parents wanted her to have a good life, but this was going too far. That and the fact that she didn’t really want to be married to anyone they would suggest, unless it turned out that Ted was a pureblood. She chuckled at the thought, looking amused as Narcissa came into her room at Hogwarts.

“What’s funny?” She asked, smiling at her sister.

“Just the name of this one,” she replied, covering up the true reason quickly. That was something she had learned to do quickly this year. She was amazed with all the lies that she had come up with, really.

Narcissa looked and smiles. “I like that name. Are you excited? Mother and Father will be sending you an owl of the one they picked and you probably know him already anyways.”

Andromeda kept the sigh to herself as she looked at her younger sister. “I am, a bit. I’m also a bit scared.” That part was entirely true. She was scared she would just be trapped in a pure blood life forever. She knew that she couldn’t survive it.

“I wouldn’t be,” Narcissa says.

“You say that because you already know who you’re going to be with,” Andromeda says with a smile. “Lucius is a good pick for you, anyways. And you already know that you love him.”

Narcissa blushed at that, but smiled. “I do…I know I’m going to be happy for the rest of my life with him.”

“I know you will be,” Andromeda said and looked at the time. “I think its bedtime though.”

“Alright – yeah, you have NEWTs coming up and I have OWLs. Its hard to believe that I’ll be the last one here,” Narcissa said and sighed.

“That’s not true – Sirius is here. He’s in a different house, but he’s still family,” Andromeda reminded her.

“For the moment he is. Poor Aunt and Uncle – they must be besides themselves with grief over this. And he’s enjoying it, which makes me angry at him,” she said and wrinkled her nose.

“Don’t be angry at him for something that he can’t control,” Andromeda said gently. “and its not like he’s with muggle-borns. He’s friends with that Potter boy and they’re a good family.”

“You’re right,” Narcissa says with a smile. “You’re always right, Andi. How is that?”

“I wouldn’t say I’m always right, but I know what you mean,” Andromeda says with a smile. “Go on. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Narcissa gave her sister a hug before leaving and closing the door behind her. Andromeda got up and locked the door before sinking into the bed. She had half a mind to just burn the letter, but that would give away too much. She didn’t know what to really do, and in the end, sitting undecided was the true problem in her life.
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